Read about our products cited for a wide range of applications, in top academic journals from around the world.

ActualHCA Citations

Home Cage Analyzer

Aqua Reagents Citations

Solutions for DNA, RNA & Protein Purification and Stabilization

Bioron Polymerases Citations

DNA Polymerase & Phage T7 DNA 

CANDOR Citations

Immunoassay Optimization Buffers, Blockers & Stabilizers 

e-Myco Citations

Mycoplasma PCR Detection Kits

GeneFix Saliva Collectors Citations

Saliva DNA, RNA & Microbiome DNA Sampling, Stabilization and Purification

Happy Cell ASM Citations

3D Cell Culture Medium

iNtRON Citations

Citations for Intron’s Molecular Biology Reagents and Kits

Isohelix Buccal Swabs Citations

Buccal DNA/RNA Sampling, Stabilization & Extraction

Magnetic Silica Bead Citations

Citations For Our Range of MagSi Beads

MethylDetect Citations

MethylDetect and DNA Methylation Citations

Mobicols & Laboratory Columns Citations

Mobicols, MobiSpin Columns, and Other Columns

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